Christian Education for the Community


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is your school accredited?
Yes, by the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, which is a member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation. This means you can transfer from our school to just about any school in the USA.

I'd like my child to attend your school, but they're on an athletic team at Taft.
No problem -- the local public schools welcome our students on their teams.

Is there any way to reduce the cost of attending your school?
About a third of the actual cost is subsidized by the Seventh-day Adventist Church -- but check the "Tuition & Fees" page for additional discounts. And to apply for scholarships, contact the school and ask about "Smart Tuition Aid."

I'm a little nervous about my child attending a church school.
We respect the beliefs of every family who attends our school -- and for what it's worth, most of our students are not members of the Adventist church, and many are not members of any church.  But if you have specific questions and concerns, then please contact our school; we'd be happy to talk with you about this.

Can you share some testimonials about the school?

Brooklyn J.  "I attended Lincoln City Seventh-day Adventist School from 1st through 9th grade.  I would recommend SDA to anyone who wants to truly exceed in school... :)  I got Principal's List for 4 years, 5th 6th 7th and 8th (the honors program starts in 5th grade.)  Then my Freshman year went on to get Honor Roll.  SDA prepares you for what will come in college and even excels in grade school and high school academics.  The teachers and staff were there to help me through each year of schooling, making sure I succeeded!"

Mark Y.  "We recently moved to Lincoln City and put our daughter in to the 5th grade at Lincoln City SDA School. She had home-schooled previously, but, thanks to the teachers and other students, made the transition to school very happily. Thanks."

Anonymous "I attended Lincoln City Seventh-day Adventist school from 1st grade to 12th, and graduated with honors.  The academic program there prepared me to go on and conquer the university setting and succeed in doing so.  This school prepared me with study habits, a good sense of time management and allowed me the opportunity to have leadership roles within student government and other activities.  I would recommend this school to anyone with a love of learning and the desire to succeed."

How can I learn more?
Check out these videos:

Safe and Sound video presentation
Few decisions are as important -- and potentially life-changing as choosing a school for your children.  In this video you will learn some of the history of Christian education in our church.  Hear from some of our committed Christian teachers and see how we provide a quality academic experience in a caring Christian environment.
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Journey to Excellence video presentation
Hear from administrators, teachers, parents and students about the quality academics, strong curriculum and integrated spiritual and moral content of our school.
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