Christian Education for the Community

Teachers & Classes:

Karie MacPhee, Grades 6-8

"I was born and raised in Crescent City, CA.  I have two older sisters and most of my family lives in Oregon.  I graduated from Southern Adventist University.  I love the beach and am thrilled to live on the coast again!  Hobbies: writing, reading, music, art...

Through a trail of open doors, I felt the breeze of God guiding me to Lincoln City.  God promises to fulfill our heart's desire, and my desire has always been to work more closely with upper-grade students.  I'm thankful He not only saw fit to move me to an upper-grade position this year, but also that He placed that opportunity on the beautiful Oregon Coast!  I feel very at home with the cool temperatures, roaring ocean, tall trees, and coastal mountains.  I look forward to connecting with every student and their family at God's school here in Lincoln City!"

Sandra Sumerlin, Grades 1-2
Bachelor of Science (multiple subjects) from Pacific Union College
Master's degree in Education from Pacific Union College

"My wish is that not only will my students grow academically, but also grow closer to God."

Ed Hollister, Grades 3-5

Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from Pacific Union College
Master's degree in Education from Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI

"My outside interests include hiking, backpacking, biking, gardening, sailing, and traveling.  However, my greatest passion is mentoring young people.  I firmly believe children are our most important asset and nothing is more important than preparing them for the future.  I have had the joy of teaching all grades 1 through 9 for thirty-nine years: twenty-three in America and sixteen in England and Ireland.  I enjoy teaching all grades, but I am especially pleased to be teaching grades 3-5 again.  It is so rewarding to guide young learners in the joy of discovery, and to provide a vibrant center of learning within an ethos of joy and security.  I appreciate the opportunity I have, by God’s grace, to help children grow in their walk with the Lord, in their development of an attractive Christian character, and their development of knowledge and skills to help them attain their potential for service and success.

Myrna Biswas Nowrangi, High School Science & Math
Bachelor of Science (Biology, minor in Mathematics) from Asia Pacific International University, Thailand
Master's degree in Biology from Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI
"My life has been an adventure! I was born in Bangladesh, lived in the Philippines, Thailand, Michigan, Maryland, and now the beautiful Oregon coast. My love for science began at an early age. I spent a lot of time reading autobiographies of scientists and playing in my own 'science lab' when I was in middle school.  Little did I know, that was the direction my life was going to be heading.   
My husband Vivek, swept me off my feet when I was working in Maryland around 2011 and three years later we were married. I have learned to live a life of purpose from my father, who is a pastor, which is why I have tried to go where ever I felt God's calling. I am happy to be serving LCAS and I pray that my life can be used for God as I continue to educate lives here in Lincoln City."